The Firebird

I've owned this '97 Trans Am since 2002, and over that time I've made many modifications. The car is still in great shape and although I don't work on it as much as I did in the past, it is still great fun to drive. In order to help others in the F-Body community, I've documented some of these experiences here as install guides and project photo galleries.

Install Guides

Cam Swap

Installing a Comp Camps XE224/230 cam.

Big Brake Kit Install

Installing a Wilwood Superlite 6 Piston 13" Big Brake Kit.

Clutch and Flywheel Install

Installing a SPEC Stage 4 clutch and SLP Steel flywheel.

Longtube Headers Install

Jet Hot Longtube Headers and Y-Pipe Install.

Electric Waterpump Swap

CSR Water Pump Install and Warning Circuit Wiring.

F-Body Window Fix

AutoTrix Window Fix and Express Down Install.