About Me

I'm a software developer, pilot, guitarist, and car enthusiast. I love to tinker, travel, and find new adventures. I'm originally from South Florida, but I've been living in Orlando since 2001.

Recent Work

Team leader and senior multi-platform engineer with 10+ years of professional engineering experience on projects from the simulation and gaming industries. Led teams on both Windows and macOS projects. Known for excellent technical direction, problem solving, teamwork, and communications skills. Veteran of the full software development lifecycle, from proposal to public release, on a commercial software application with millions of daily active users.

Origin™ by Electronic Arts

Origin is a major commercial game launcher and store for Windows and macOS. I was a member of the Origin client development team for more than 5 years, primarily focusing on downloads and self-updates.


A side project built on node.js that interfaces with the Elk Systems M1, a common home automation controller. Check it out here.



I'm an instrument-rated private pilot (PPL ASEL IA) and I fly around the Central Florida area regularly.


I love to travel and have recently traveled to Europe a few times. I'm also learning to speak German.


I've had an interest in cars and racing for a long time, and I've traveled to Germany to race on the Nürburgring.


I've love playing guitar and I've played in a cover band from time to time.


I love trying rare or interesting beers from around the world, especially Belgium.

Project Car

I've got a 1997 Trans Am that's a permanent project. I have a page dedicated to hosting install guides and photo journals.

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me about anything, I'm almost always available.

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