Comp Cams XE224/230 Cam Swap

The Kit as it arrived...
Removing the intake and accessories.
Removing the old valvetrain.
The Optispark removed, showing the timing cover and end of the old cam.
Removing the crank hub.
Working on fixing the plug wires.
Timing cover removed.
Removing the old valvesprings in place with a compressor tool.

Be careful to make sure each cylinder is at Top Dead Center when performing this procedure to avoid dropping a valve.
Timing chain in good shape.
New valvesprings installed.
Removing the old cam, very carefully!

Note that the A/C condenser and hood latch must be moved out of the way, but do not need to be disconnected.
The old cam is finally out!
Filing down the new cam dowel to mate properly with the 96+ Optispark.
Installing the new cam very carefully, covered in assembly lube.
Installing the new valvetrain.
New valvetrain installed.
Timing cover and Optispark reinstalled.
Reinstalling intake and accessories.